The Makers Of Gotham Explain Why They Don't Need Batman

In other Bat-news, a new featurette for Fox's pre-Batman show Gotham has been released, offering new footage, new information, and most of all, a new, better glimpse of what the show is trying to go for.

First of all, the show looks great. Gotham's doing Gotham City right, and the city feels like it does in Batman movies. I don't know how their budgets compare, but this is bad news for Agents of SHIELD, given that show always looks weirdly cheap. Meanwhile, Ben McKenzie and Donal Logue seem pretty much perfect as young Gordon and weary Bullock, respectively (although I feel like Jada Pinkett Smith's gangster Fish Mooney is going to be chewing the scenery, and not in a fun way).


I'm also excited by the idea of Gotham as a crime procedural that just happens to take place in Gotham City, probably because my biggest concern with the pilot script is that it was so busy cramming in heavy-handed Bat-mythos allusions that the plot, such as it was, fell by the wayside. So if Gotham can settle down to focus on telling good stories as opposed to having characters say, "Boy, that dude sure looks like a penguin!" whenever Oswald Copplepot comes on-screen, then I think the show can capture more than just the traditional nerd crowd.

[Via Comic Book Resources]

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