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Like most people, she’s not at all too happy at the prospect of waking up. Unlike most people, though, it’s because she’s freaking the hell out at the thought of being in an entirely different body than her own.


The new clip/brief trailer combo seems to be from right near the start of the film, as it shows the Major waking up for the first time after a horrendous accident necessitated her mind being transferred into a new robotic body—one of the titular “shells.” Naturally, as she did not expect to wake up in a literal new body, she’s understandably disturbed at the situation.

Intriguingly though, the clip does reveal something else about the movie—the Major has a new name. In the manga and anime adaptations, the character was called Motoko Kusanagi.


After controversy exploded when Scarlett Johansson was cast in the film, Paramount said that the film would ditch the Japanese name and explicitly refer to the main character by her nickname, “The Major,” her rank in the futuristic Tokyo’s Public Security Section 9 intelligence squad. That doesn’t appear to be the case though, as the female doctor with the Major in the clip seems to refer to the Major by a new name entirely: something that sounds like “Mira.” That’s one way of sidestepping the controversy!

Ghost in the Shell is set to hit theaters March 31.

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