The magnificent trailer for Animal Protector, a 1980s action flick about animal testing

Yes, there was an acutely Eighties action movie about ending laboratory cruelty to animals, and its name was Animal Protector.

Of course, the only things that convey this social commentary are the solitary bunny in the above trailer and the fact that this movie was named Animal Protector. But hey, this trailer stands up on its own merits, what with its solid 101 seconds of guys pounding each other. Here's a synopsis from an IMDB reviewer:

So, have you ever wonder what it would look like if PETA were ever to make an action flick? Its plot might resemble the one of Animal Protector. But, thankfully, PETA didn't have a hand in this film and it came from the master of over the top Swedish action cinema, Mats Helge [...] Helge likes to have a plot that is a bit left of ludicrous. Here, the animal activist group "Animal Protectors" decides to free some animals on a top secret island the same night C.I.A. agents Santino [A.R. Hellquist] and Lomax plan on taking the corrupt Whitlock [David Carradine] out.


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