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The Magicians' Series Finale Teases the End and a Magical Birth

The end is near for The Magicians.
The end is near for The Magicians.
Image: Syfy

After five seasons, The Magicians’ cohort of mystical questers have just about reached the end of their respective journeys. But in a new teaser for the upcoming series finale, crossing the finish line looks like it’s going to be the hardest battle any of them have ever fought.


With its big musical episode of the way, The Magicians’ final act is going to revolve around whether Alice will be successful in her goal to harness the power of a World Seed to create a new place for the people of Fillory to live. As you can see from the trailer, her goal’s going to involve saying more than a few goodbyes.

But Alice isn’t the only one saying her farewells. Penny, Margo, and Kady all make brief, seemingly somber appearances, though it appears that at long last, Julia’s going to have her baby...whose magical umbilical cord needs to be cut by Fogg of all people. Wild.


The Magicians’ final episode hits Syfy on April 1, 2020.

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That might have been the best episode yet (comedically, at least), if just for the last few seconds.

“What’s the escape plan?”

“It’s more like an escape plea...”


“Ho, ho, ho, motherfuckers.”

The first song was bonkers, too. Just a great time all around.