The Magicians Is Going Full 'Game of Narnia' in Season 2

Credit: Screengrab via YouTube
Credit: Screengrab via YouTube

The latest trailer for Season 2 of Syfy’s The Magicians has four of the characters leaving the real world behind and embracing the insane Narnia-ness of the original book series. Two kings, two queens, and a weird goat man for some reason.

In the original book series by Lev Grossman, Quentin and his friends venture to Fillory, the series’ Narnia substitute, to conquer and rule the fantasy kingdom once thought to be a fairytale. They’ve got a palace, costumes, and crowns. Yes, the magicians from Brooklyn are wearing freaking crowns. But of course, it wouldn’t be a fantasy series in the 2010s without some sort of Game of Thrones reference. You’ve got the “enemies from the north” who look like cheap Jon Snow knockoffs, plus a literal reference to the HBO show, as Margo takes to calling Eliot Ned Stark.


The first season, though impressive, tended to suffer a bit from its repetitive location, but this one looks like it’s throwing all caution to the wind and seeing if anything lands. Hopefully it works, otherwise, it might just look silly.


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I have this incredible urge to knock all their heads together, and I imagine hearing a hollow dink every time their craniums hit each other. I really wanted to like this, but the characters are so, so unlikeable. And not in a good way.