The Magical Video Store Where You Could Rent Joss Whedon's Wonder Woman and Cronenberg's Return of the Jedi

Many of us fantasize about the movies that never were — the projects that fell through or were consumed by Development Hell. Like David Cronenberg's versions of Total Recall and Return of the Jedi. But what would you give you could watch all the movies that never existed? In Tim Pratt's story "Impossible Dreams," a magical video store would let you do just that.


Pratt's story won the Hugo Award in 2007 — and now it's been made into a short film, which you can watch in its entirety, above. (It's in Hebrew, with English subtitles.)

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Would this same store carry all 10 seasons of Firefly and every episode of Doctor Who wiped from the BBC vaults? Because I'd sell my soul (and all of yours) in a heartbeat if that was possible.