The Magic School Bus grows up and goes on one last field trip—to Hell

There was never anything quite like a field trip with Ms. Frizzle: blasting off into space, driving through Arnold's body, traveling back to the days of the dinosaurs. But this imaginary trailer for a Magic School Bus movie trades science lessons for magic as Ms. Frizzle's class reunites for one last trip—to rescue their beloved teacher from Hell.


This fan trailer, made by the Moving Mind Studio team of Sam Brisson, Ryan George, and Brandon Calder captures many of the characters: Arnold's stick-in-the-mud reluctance, Carlos' terrible puns, even Liz the lizard makes an appearance. But it needs some of that classic Magic School Bus edutainment. Maybe Hell is actually located at the Earth's core? Then again, we probably would have noticed it there during The Magic School Bus Inside the Earth.

We did always like to imagine The Magic School Bus as a horror film.

[via The Mary Sue]


Diana Bett

Fuck no. This show was about science. There is no fucking reason for it to start incorporating the supernatural now.