The lost Indiana Jones-Star Wars crossover was really depressing

Here's some weird trivia to bandy about. In 2004, Dark Horse Comics published "Into The Great Unknown," a 10-page story that marked the first Lucas-approved (if non-canonical) meeting of Han Solo and Indiana Jones. It was also a massive bummer!

This not-so-cheery tale, which was written by Star Wars comic scribe W. Haden Blackman and illustrated by Joe the Barbarian's Sean Murphy, appeared in Star Wars Tales #19. In this short story, Han and Chewie are on the run from the Imperial fleet and, as a desperation move, force the Millennium Falcon to complete a blind hyperspace jump.

The jump deposits them in our solar system (which Han doesn't recognize), and the Falcon crash lands in the American Northwest. Han comments on its resemblance to Endor, and the two smugglers set out to find a settlement. A Native American tribe sees the duo and riddles Han with a flurry of arrows. After Chewbacca butchers Han's assailants, Han dies, leaving the Wookiee on Earth all by his lonesome.


Then, this happens:


People tout this as the first Han-Indy meet-up, but they're really discounting the storytelling possibilities of a Chewie-Short Round crime-fighting duo. That's where the real money is.


[Via Wookieepedia. Thanks Ray!]

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