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The lost Hawkman movie was a Baby Ruth commercial

While we speculate how DC Comics are going to regroup their superhero blockbuster strategy post-Green Lantern, let's not forget that DC heroes have been manhandled worse. In 1997, Hawkman shilled a nutty candy bar.


I'm not sure what the ramifications of this commercial are. Does Baby Ruth have the power to make you come back from the dead? Are Hawkman and Lion-Mane having a lovers' spat? Does a Baby Ruth contain your RDA of Nth metal?


io9 reporter Alasdair Wilkins and I have hypothesized that DC can beat The Avengers to the punch if they retroactively place all of their non-Christopher Nolan superhero films in a shared universe. (Says Alasdair "It all ends with Henry Cavill teaming up with Shaq as Steel to win one last NBA championship.") Should DC pursue this plan, they could squeeze some sweet product placement dinero out of this mostly forgotten moment.

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What's with the wings in the middle of the back? Never mind that they look like a ratty swiffer cloth after sweeping under your bed. This looks so awful I can't believe DC allowed it to be used.