The Los Angeles Aqueduct sure gave rise to some beautiful Earth porn

Algae blooms verdant along the shallow shoreline of Crowley Lake – a lake that didn't exist at all prior to 1941.

Brian Van Der Brug / Los Angeles Times

That was the year construction of the Long Valley Dam began on the Upper Owens River, the barrier being just one of the many projects spawned in the decades following the 1913 unveiling of the Los Angeles Aqueduct. A monumental infrastructural undertaking, construction of the aqueduct took 5 years, 5,000 workers and $23-million dollars to complete – but the result was a channel that could deliver water over hundreds of miles to thousands upon thousands of Southern California residents.


In recognition of the iconic watercourse's 100th anniversary, The L.A. Times is running an interactive feature that explores its history, including a series of beautiful photographs featuring scenes near the aqueduct.

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