It caused a huge uproar some years ago when the head of a Philip K. Dick android went missing on an aircraft — and now that incident has spawned a book, called Losing the Head of Philip K Dick-A Bizarre but True Tale of Androids, Kill Switches, and Left Luggage by David Dufty. According to The Bookseller, this book is Dufty's account of his post-doctoral research in robotics, where he helped create the PKD android whose head was left in an airplane's overhead compartment.

Top image: The Dick Android on the Scanner Darkly Panel at Comic Con, via Rachel Lovinger on Flickr.


The UK editor Robin Dennis tells the Bookseller:

This is bizarre science at its best-from the formula for making fake flesh ‘Frubber' skin to the moment the android suggests his surroundings are part of a government conspiracy. You have to read it to believe it-this stranger-than-science-fiction tale is all true.

The book will be published in the U.K. by Oneworld and in the U.S. by Henry Holt. [The Bookseller]