The London Olympics will force some employees to sleep in space pods

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Is this the future of office work? In order to keep employees out of traffic during the London Olympics, one London company is asking employees to sleep in space pods to keep business running during the games.


Other companies may be able to let their employees work from home during the traffic jamming Olympics, but data services provider Interxion needs its engineers on-site to ensure no interruption in services. To that end, they're installing sleeping pods in their data centers. Podtime, a London-based company that provides the pods, is billing them as the perfect solution to the Olympics' congested commute.

Certainly, these pods are nothing new. Capsule hotels have been around for years, after all. But there's something vaguely dystopian about setting up these pop-up quarters in the workplace. We're already tethered to our places of work through our smart phones and our computers. How long before some people are living in their workspaces, either through inertia or by design?


Image from Interxion.

Interxion Installs Sleeping Pods to Keep London's Data Moving During the Olympics [realwire via Inhabitat]

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Space Pods. sounds cool....

Much cooler than "Japanese mini tube cages"...