The Logan Trailer Mashed Up With X-Men Cartoon Footage Has No Right to Work This Well

Maybe it’s just that Johnny Cash’s “Hurt” cover can make anything seem fantastically maudlin and filled with pathos, but mixing the worlds of the X-Men cartoon and the grim world of Logan really shouldn’t work. And yet, it totally does. It so, so does.


The cartoon/superhero movie trailer mash-up is an old tradition on the internet at this point, and last week’s excellent trailer for Logan is no exception. YouTuber Philysteak’s blending of footage from both the ‘90s X-Men animated series and X-Men: Evolution, the birthplace of X-23 herself, is pretty much spot on in trying to capture the tone of Logan’s trailer. It helps that it uses the dialogue and the haunting soundtrack from it, but it’s kind of amazing how the camp superheroics of the classic X-Men cartoon can still be this effective.

James is a News Editor at io9. He wants pictures. Pictures of Spider-Man!

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X-Men Evolution just as good as the 90's show, if not better in some aspects. (ducks)