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When we think about mega comic book cult star Lobo — the extraterrestrial bounty hunter who bit off the fingers of the woman who delivered him — we naturally always think of a hairless CG cat voiced by Bette Midler. So it makes perfect sense that the director of the horrendous flop Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore, Brad Peyton, will be writing and directing the new Lobo movie.


According to Deadline, Warner Bros has tapped Peyton to rewrite and direct Lobo, as a live-action film.

While it's not entirely fair to judge Peyton entirely by his Cats & Dogs contribution, let it be known that he has also directed Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, where the Rock bounced 3D objects off his pecs. In short, he's known for goofball comedy sequels.


Which leaves us with mixed feelings. Sure, Lobo is a crazy potty mouthed alien who has killed everyone who has ever cared for him, but the creature is so much more than that. Part of what made Lobo so great was how he poked fun at the world of hyper-serious comic book characters in the great Keith Giffen tradition — so we're pretty nervous to see someone with this particular type of comedy background take on a character who's a bit more complicated (but still funny and very very violent). Only time will tell.

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