The Live-Action Vixen Costume Is a Perfect Translation From the Cartoon

We’re still a month out from seeing Vixen on Arrow, but now we have the first peek at what she’ll look like. And it’s a very nice way to make the animated costume work on TV.

Megalyn Echikunwoke is the voice of Vixen on the CW’s internet channel, CW Seed. She’s great as a voice actor and there’s no way she wasn’t cast to be great onscreen, too. The animated Vixen looks like this:


The live-action costume has the same black and yellow look and the same striping theme. The cutouts on the arms mimic the long gloves on the cartoon character. And while the fingers of the gloves don’t quite have claws, they are nicely textured in the live-action version. Plus, it wouldn’t be a CW superhero if it weren’t all some kind of leather.

Image: CW

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