After six years of radio silence there's been movement on the new Rats of Nimh movie. That's right – they're making a live action Nimh movie with CG rats and real people. Imagine how horrifying Nicodemus is going to look!

Deadline is reporting MGM has acquired the rights to Robert C. O'Brien books Mrs. Frisby & The Rats Of Nimh. And now Ice Age 5 screenwriter Michael Berg has been tapped to translate the new series. Daniel Bobker and Ehren Kruger are producing, but little else is known other that it's going to be a live action with CG hybrid (think the Alvin and the Chipmunks movies, only a lot darker).


The original is, hands down, the best animated movie ever made ever. So the new version has a lot to live up to.

Above images by Deviant Artist Daarken.