The Live-Action Kim Possible Movie Will Have One Important Tie to the Original

Kim Possible and Ron, her faithful friend.
Kim Possible and Ron, her faithful friend.
Image: Disney Channel

Among the people I know who grew up watching Kim Possible, news of Disney making a live-action movie has been somewhat controversial. The original, after all, so effectively alchemized so many elements that made it work way better than it had any right to.

So, one piece of good news for diehards, then, is that, according to Entertainment Weekly, the original voice of Kim, Christy Carlson Romano, is returning for an as-yet-unannounced role in the film, alongside Patton Oswalt, who was announced at the same time. Oswalt voiced a villain on the show, Professor Dementor.

Romano was a staple of Disney Channel original programming in that era, appearing in a major role in Even Stevens and providing the iconic voice for Kim Possible, the only superspy to ever really pull off cargo pants.


No word yet on who Romano, who has since gone on to do more voice acting as well as some sporadic live-action roles, will play in the Disney Channel Original Movie. Kim’s mom is already taken, being played by Alyson Hannigan. Even if it’s just a camo, it’s nice to have that nod to the original.

Kim Possible is coming to the Disney Channel sometime next year.

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