The Live-Action Gundam Movie Will Be Written By Saga's Brian K. Vaughan

Setsuna Seiei’s 00 Gundam.
Image: Sunrise

Legendary’s moving forward with its plans to put out a live-action movie based on Sunrise’s seminal and wildly influential Gundam series, and it’s found someone we’re very familiar with to write the script.

Deadline reports that Saga co-creator Brian K. Vaughan has been tapped to write Gundam. The comic creator will also serve as an executive producer. He’s currently on a Saga break but keeping very busy—the FX adaptation of his comic Y: The Last Man is currently in production.


There are currently no details as to which of the Gundam continuities the plot will be based on, or if the movie will tell an entirely new story. When Legendary first announced its new Gundam project, it made a point of detailing the larger mythos of the Universal Century, the timeline in which the original Mobile Suit Gundam took place, suggesting that the movie might draw from those stories.

A date’s not yet been set for Legendary’s Gundam, but we’ll update you with more details as they become available.

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