Illustration for article titled The Life of Polyamorous Pagan Rocket Scientist Jack Parsons — In Pictures

Sure I'll take any excuse to use "polyamorous" and "rocket scientist" in the same headline, but in this case there's a good reason. Over at BoingBoing, David Pescovitz has unearthed an online comic book biography about Jack Parsons, the man who founded the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and shared a wife with L. Ron Hubbard in the pre-Scientology days. Called The Marvel: Sex, Magic, and Rocket Science, the book was written by Richard Carbonneau, with art by Robin Simon. Parsons is one of the most fascinating figures of the twentieth century for his contributions to rocket science alone, but his unusual personal life makes him even more intriguing. Check out the book! It's free online. [The Marvel via BoingBoing]

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