Pixar illustrator Nate Wragg's recent series captures moments in the life of BrainBot — part robot, part human brain. BrainBot proves that you don't need facial expressions to display your melancholy.

We've profiled some of Wragg's sexier (read: NSFW) work before, and BrainBot has the all their whimsy, but is tinged with sadness as well. The BrainBot series was created as part of the "Mind Machines" show at San Diego's Distinctions Gallery. The illustrations are great on their own, but could we maybe someday see a Pixar-produced BrainBot short?

[Nate Wragg via lines and colors]


A Kiss Before Work

A Breath of Fresh Air


Computer Companion

The Brainbot is Alive and Dangerous


Brainbot Has Bad Days Too