Legoland is no longer the ultimate destination for Lego fans. The company just trumped their own amusement parks by announcing the Lego House, a gigantic museum, play center, shop and experience that should bring Lego fans by the brick-load into the tiny town of Billund, Denmark, where the Lego HQ is located.

Although it's called The Lego House, it's really more of a Lego palace, as you can see by the insane concept video above. Danish architect Bjarke Ingels designed the Lego-inspired 80-by-100-by-30 meter-tall building a reality. Explains Wired:

Ingels avoided the obvious design motifs in his proposal and instead offered a structure as minimal and modern as any contemporary art museum. Multi-colored bricks are used as accents, but Ingels instead tried to infuse the building’s structure with the interactivity Lego is known for. The Lego House features a series of terraces, equal parts Lego and Q*bert, that allow children to climb to the top of the building and experience the landscape from an entirely different perspective. A 1,900-square-meter covered courtyard is open to the public and free play. There will also be copious opportunities for kids of all ages to stack a nearly limitless number of bricks. Unlike other themed destinations, the Lego House encourages creativity over media tie-ins.


The Lego House begins construction next year, and should be finished in 2016, assuming tey have enough bricks.