The Lego House is going to be Lego paradise

Legoland is no longer the ultimate destination for Lego fans. The company just trumped their own amusement parks by announcing the Lego House, a gigantic museum, play center, shop and experience that should bring Lego fans by the brick-load into the tiny town of Billund, Denmark, where the Lego HQ is located.

Although it's called The Lego House, it's really more of a Lego palace, as you can see by the insane concept video above. Danish architect Bjarke Ingels designed the Lego-inspired 80-by-100-by-30 meter-tall building a reality. Explains Wired:

Ingels avoided the obvious design motifs in his proposal and instead offered a structure as minimal and modern as any contemporary art museum. Multi-colored bricks are used as accents, but Ingels instead tried to infuse the building’s structure with the interactivity Lego is known for. The Lego House features a series of terraces, equal parts Lego and Q*bert, that allow children to climb to the top of the building and experience the landscape from an entirely different perspective. A 1,900-square-meter covered courtyard is open to the public and free play. There will also be copious opportunities for kids of all ages to stack a nearly limitless number of bricks. Unlike other themed destinations, the Lego House encourages creativity over media tie-ins.


The Lego House begins construction next year, and should be finished in 2016, assuming tey have enough bricks.

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I'm not sure why they showed children in the video. As a father of two, I'm pretty sure that the "minimal and modern as any contemporary art museum" design is going to leave most kids begging to go to the playland at the McDonalds across the street after about 10 minutes. Even the store is a frightening creation seemingly torn from a dystopian nightmare.