Signing up to do a Cribs-style show when you’re secretly a bat-themed vigilante seems like a profoundly unwise decision. Doing it as both your alter-ego and your real identity just seems downright silly, Bruce.


The latest promo for The Lego Batman Movie is “Gotham Cribs,” which is, as you’d expect, a Lego-based lampooning of the classic MTV home-tour show. Follow along as Batman and his “roommate” Bruce Wayne take us on a tour of the down-to-earth and not at all ostentatious Wayne Manor.

Getting an up-close look at the actual scenery from the film and how it’s all rendered in Lego pieces is great enough, but it’s the running gag of Bruce switching between his civilian persona and Batman that’s the highlight of this promo. Warner Bros. have really pulled out all the stops with these bonus skits in the run up to the movie’s release next week.


James is a News Editor at io9. He wants pictures. Pictures of Spider-Man!

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