The Legend of Hercules is a punishment straight from Hades

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A new trailer for The Legend of Hercules has arrived and — bresaking news! — it continues to suck. We've already detailed everything that's wrong with it — mainly that it's like 300 and the shitty Clash of the Titans remake had a baby together and then peed on it — but somehow it continues to look even worse.


I'm trying to think of the appropriate punishment Zeus would sentence director Renny Harlin to in Hades for making this trash. Getting eternally beaten by the real Hercules? Forced to make ambulance-chasing lawyer commercials for all time? Having to hang out with no one but Kellan Lutz until the end of days? Or is that last one too cruel even for Zeus?

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Looks like a perfectly good blood & sandals movie; save for all the parts that are supposed to be about Hercules. Just change the name, and the name of the main character and we're golden.