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The Leftovers Shows The Sadness Of Day-To-Day Life After The Rapture

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We cannot wait for HBO's moody new drama The Leftovers. It's based on the book penned by Election scribe Tom Perrotta, who has thankfully stayed on to produce this series with Damon Lindelof. The premise is simple: The Rapture happens and the audience picks up with those who were left behind.


This trailer is the first time we're getting a sense of place. We knew there were cults and crimes happening in the wake of the great disappearance, but I like to see how the Rapture changed day-to-day operations — for example, the school scene. Very excited about this series; fingers crossed it works.

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The Rapture decidedly does NOT happen. They determine very quickly that this isn't the Rapture; it's some random mass disappearance of random people, ranging from babies to serial killers. The fact that people can't even turn to religion to explain it makes it even more unnerving.