The Lazer Team Trailer is Ghostbusters With Aliens, Mixed With a Little Super Troopers

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Lazer Team is a hodgepodge of everything you love about genre. It’s about four dopey guys who are forced to band together to save the world from aliens. Think the cast of Super Troopers starring in Ghostbusters, but fighting aliens instead of ghosts.


The film was conceived and stars the comedy troupe known as Rooster Teeth. It was completed with the help of a crowdsourcing campaign. The result is an incredibly watchable, polished piece of scifi comedy, which we caught at Fantastic Fest. Check out the trailer below.

Lazer Team hits select theaters and YouTube Red on January 27. Visit the for ticktes and more info.


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So “YouTube Red” is the 2016 version of “straight-to-DVD”?!?!