The Latest Trailer for Amazon's The Boys Is About How Messy a Superpowered World Would Be

Six of The Boys’ most famous superheroes
Six of The Boys’ most famous superheroes
Image: Amazon
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In Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson’s The Boys, superheroes enjoy the kind of global celebrity that the real world’s most popular Instagram influencers are blessed with. The visibility and power that comes along with that reality, naturally, leads to a number of them lapsing on their better judgment. Make of that what you will.


Like all celebrities, The Boys superheroes are prone to get themselves into trouble, but unlike regular celebs, said trouble tends to carry significant consequences, what with the metahumans being superpowered and involved in all sorts of international conflicts.

In the series’ latest trailer, we get a glimpse of the wild world the show’s set in, and just what kinds of messes the elite squad of CIA superagents (known as “The Boys”) are frequently tasked with cleaning up when the world’s heroes fall off the wagon. The team clearly takes the idea of never meeting one’s heroes seriously, but it’s advice none of them can really follow up on, given the line of work they’re in.

The Boys, which stars Karl Urban and Elisabeth Shue, drops on Amazon this year.

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