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The Latest The Last Jedi Featurette Showcases the Real-World Locations Behind the Film

Image: Lucasfilm/Disney
Image: Lucasfilm/Disney

It’s less than a week now, and we’ve likely gotten all the information we’re going to get before The Last Jedi hits theaters. But that doesn’t mean the behind-the-scenes work is any less interesting.


In the newest featurette on the Star Wars YouTube Channel, called “Worlds of The Last Jedi,” viewers can get a glimpse of the real-life locations used to help shape the fantastical places populating Rian Johnson’s vision of a galaxy far, far away. For Ahch-To, there’s Skellig Michael; for the casino world of Canto Bight, there’s Dubrovnik, Croatia; and for Crait, there’s the real-world salt flats of Bolivia. Explore how real-world shooting locations shaped and gave life to the Star Wars universe. It’s really amazing stuff.

Also, see Daisy Ridley almost fall off of a rock during shooting for her first scene from the film. That’s worth checking out, too. Nice save there at the end.

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So, what was Luke doing just before Rey showed up? Just standing there, staring out and brooding? He didn’t know she was coming, so does he just stand, brooding all day, waiting for someone to finally show up? Because let me tell you, I spend a lot of time standing and staring and brooding waiting for someone to show up and no one ever does.