The Latest Star Wars Animated Short Actually Makes the Ewoks Kind of Scary

Dear God, the Ewoks are coming.
Dear God, the Ewoks are coming.
Image: Lucasfilm/Disney

Ewoks are controversial among certain elements of the Star Wars fanbase. Cute, fluffy, and awfully goofy, a lot of people find their defeat of Imperial forces in Return of the Jedi unlikely. On the one hand, come on, it’s a movie. On the other hand, the newest Galaxy of Adventures short finally provides an answer to this problem by making the Ewoks, um, kind of terrifying.


It’s something in their faces. These Ewoks, being animated, are much more expressive than the live-action special effects used in the original film, and they look absolutely ready for war. These Ewoks bare their teeth. These Ewoks grimace. I see something dark in their eyes, and it wants Stormtrooper blood.

Look, it’s been months and these shorts haven’t gotten old. I’m regularly delighted that they bring something new to older parts of Star Wars. But I was not expecting to wake up this morning and be terrified of Ewoks. Not sure how to handle this, honestly. 

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Dude. The Ewoks have always been terrifying.