The Latest Once Upon a Deadpool Trailer Is Basically an Ad for Nickelback

Deadpool refusing to listen to the sweet nothings coming out of Fred Savage’s mouth.
Deadpool refusing to listen to the sweet nothings coming out of Fred Savage’s mouth.
Image: Fox

How many Once Upon a Deadpool ads starring Fred Savage can Fox squeeze out before there’s nothing new in the movie left to entice audiences back into the theater to see a movie it’s already seen? At least three, apparently.


It’s difficult to tell just how much of Deadpool’s chats with Fred Savage from the newest batch of Once Upon a Deadpool ads are actually in the re-cut movie itself and how much of this marketing campaign is designed to...just get us excited about the idea of Deadpool kidnapping a beloved child actor. In any case, the duo are back bickering about whether the Deadpool franchise now falls under the Disney umbrella (it does) and whether Nickelback is a good band (it is not.) The conclusion they come to won’t surprise you in the least.

When Once Upon a Deadpool hits theaters this Wednesday, it’s going to be awfully weird if the movie’s literally just Deadpool 2 with all the f-bombs cut out and a bunch of Fred Savage footage we’ve already seen on television spliced into it. Then again, though, that’s exactly the kind of scam that Wade Wilson lives for.

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I will never stop enjoying the fact that Ryan Reynolds is so committed to Deadpool, and most importantly, the meta aspect of the character.

I don't even care if it hasn't got any new footage. I haven't seen the movie enough times to be bored with it, so I'm there.