Deadpool refusing to listen to the sweet nothings coming out of Fred Savage’s mouth.
Image: Fox

How many Once Upon a Deadpool ads starring Fred Savage can Fox squeeze out before there’s nothing new in the movie left to entice audiences back into the theater to see a movie it’s already seen? At least three, apparently.

It’s difficult to tell just how much of Deadpool’s chats with Fred Savage from the newest batch of Once Upon a Deadpool ads are actually in the re-cut movie itself and how much of this marketing campaign is designed to...just get us excited about the idea of Deadpool kidnapping a beloved child actor. In any case, the duo are back bickering about whether the Deadpool franchise now falls under the Disney umbrella (it does) and whether Nickelback is a good band (it is not.) The conclusion they come to won’t surprise you in the least.

When Once Upon a Deadpool hits theaters this Wednesday, it’s going to be awfully weird if the movie’s literally just Deadpool 2 with all the f-bombs cut out and a bunch of Fred Savage footage we’ve already seen on television spliced into it. Then again, though, that’s exactly the kind of scam that Wade Wilson lives for.