The Latest It Trailer Shows Nobody Knows What's Lurking in the Sewers of Derry

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The true horror of Stephen King’s It was always that the adults of Derry, Maine, where the primordial evil lived, seemed to understand that their children were being periodically snatched and murdered.

In the latest trailer for the It reboot, though, it’s clear that the kids know something’s up and they know it’s living in the sewers. The spot features an extended scene of The Losers Club investigating at the mouth of a sewage outlet while debating whether to go deeper inside. Just as they find Betty Ripson’s shoe floating in the water, an ominous chuckle fills their ears and a solitary red balloon floats dow the pipe. Cause, you know, killer clowns.

It floats into theaters September 8, 2017.

io9 Culture Critic and Staff Writer. Cyclops was right.

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Not a fan of Pennywise being a mean-looking clown. I dunno, maybe that’s how the book did it...but part of what made the miniseries so eerie was that Pennywise there was an otherwise completely normal friendly clown simply showing up in situations where you wouldn’t expect a completely normal friendly clown.