When file-sharing destroys the movie biz, at least special effects designers will still have work — in the aerospace industry. Orbital Outfitters, the first company to manufacture special pressurized spacesuits for civilians, is hiring special effects designers from Hollywood to help. This swanky suit that you see here, created with help from special effects maven Chris Gilman for Orbital Outfitters, may be worn by passengers on XCOR Aeorospace's suborbital jets. Apparently Gilman's skills designing knight-in-armor costumes is going to help with the design of a suit that you could use in an emergency to eject from a suborbital ship and reenter the atmosphere. Though Virgin Galactic is the best-known of the commercial space ships, many other companies like XCOR are getting in on the action. And Orbital Outfitters is banking on the idea that they'll want nifty-looking spacesuits for their passengers — not just to keep them safe, but also as souvenirs of their trip. Unlike the spacesuits that other astronauts wear, these suits won't be designed to help somebody walk on the moon. They just have to remain pressurized in the event of an accident. And as the Gilman knows, they also have to look cool. I don't know if I'd trust one of these suits in space, but I'd definitely wear it on the ground. Hollywood Monster Maker Designs Suits for Travel in Space [via Bloomberg]


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