If you like monsters, then this fanged, googly-eyed hoodie from Monsterhoodies will make you roar with glee. Or you can show monster pride by carrying an elephant-squid messenger bag.


Here's another look at the mega-cute hoodie with fangs. Monsterhoodies sells a variety of these toothy, warm tops. This one is called Red Meanie, but there's also the blue Cookie Cruncher, the green Dinosaurus Rex, and the black Neko Gato.

You can pick up a Monsterhoodie here for $49.99.

You'll never be able to resist slipping your books, pens and notebook into this bookbag from Resist Today decorated with the GMO hybrid known as the elephant-squid. What really makes this bag classy, aside from the stylish black silkscreen on canvas, is that the elephant-squid is wearing a lovely conductor's cap. No true elephant-squid would be caught on the sea without one. You can pick one of these up here for $55.

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