The Latest His Dark Materials Season 2 Trailer Slices Into Whole New Worlds

Lyra and Pan are ready to live into some new worlds in season two of His Dark Materials.
Lyra and Pan are ready to live into some new worlds in season two of His Dark Materials.
Image: HBO
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If the first season of His Dark Materials didn’t open up the world enough for you, the second season is going to do exactly that. The new trailer for season two of the HBO show, based on Philip Pullman’s novels, follows Lyra (Dafne Keen) into another world—one that holds the keys to her destiny. There she’ll work with Will (Amir Wilson), a boy who also has a complex history, as well as a subtle knife.


Season two begins on HBO and HBO Max on November 16. Check out the epic scope on display in this trailer, which also features Lin-Manuel Miranda, Andrew Scott, and others.

The best thing about this trailer is that it really focuses on what made Pullman’s books so unique and imaginative, the jumping between worlds. That element did appear in the first season of the show, but it remained almost below the surface until Lyra herself started to uncover more of the mystery. The multiple worlds are everything here and it’ll be very cool to see how the team behind the show tackles it all.

His Dark Materials returns November 16.

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Jubal Harshaw

The trailer looks great, but if it’s like last year, they’ve just shown us the entirety of the VFX for the season. The remaining hours will be spent endlessly talking. Mostly in our (or a similarly non-magical) world.

I very much hope to be incorrect.