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The Latest Ghostbusters Toy Asks 'Okay, Who Brought the Dog?'

The Rick Moranis toy you’ve always wanted is here.
The Rick Moranis toy you’ve always wanted is here.
Photo: Hasbro
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Does anyone have a milk bone for Hasbro’s latest Ghostbusters toy? It’s called “Tully’s Terrible Night” and io9 is excited to exclusively reveal it in all its glory.


Part of the new collectible “Plasma Series,” from the toymaker, the set is a two-pack featuring Louis Tully (famously played by Rick Moranis in the film) and a Terror Dog (which famously ruined Louis’ big party in the film).

As well both figures featuring multiple points of articulation, and a photorealistic headsculpt on Tully’s head—capturing Moranis’ likeness in a moment of Terror-Dog-induced, well, terror—the set also includes the wired-up colander the Ghostbusters use to test Louis after his possession by Vinz Clortho. Check out a few more images below.


As you can see, besides the figures, it comes in some fine packaging too, inspired by the Ghostbusters’ uniforms. Perfect to bring to a party at your accountant’s apartment in New York! Just don’t lose it under a pile of coats.

Though Hasbro is revealing this set now, it is not a San Diego Comic-Con 2020 exclusive (you can find those here). Instead, the set will be available in September on and retail for $50.


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I have one of those terror dog figures. I keep it in the fridge.