The Latest "Get The Hell Out Of Town Due To A Virus" Movie

When people start shoving huge ponytail holder needles into their own necks, and dive-bombing themselves off skyscrapers, then it's probably safe to assume that something is "Happening." In this new trailer for M. Night Shyamalan's newest film The Happening, that's just what happens. People start committing mass suicide and dropping dead like flies, which causes Cameron from Ferris Bueller's Day Off to remark, "There appears to be an event happening." This character is obviously gifted with keen powers of observation.

Apparently the Earth's plants begin rebelling against mankind, and start releasing neurotoxins that cause everyone to go wacky and turn into lemmings. So all of that animal love and peace and harmony that vegetarians have been preaching to us for years will come back to bite them on the ass. Marky Mark takes his family on the run, runs into Zooey Deschanel while avoiding suicidal drivers, and there's undoubtedly some big twist at the end, like plants are sentient and have been screaming at us to stop eating salad for years. We just haven't heard them.


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Chris Braak

@extracrispy: Well, it is a little pretentious, if you consider that a pretentious person is a person that claims to be an authority on subjects which they are not. So, by your argument, if everyone as an individual is the final arbiter as to whether or not a thing is art, then every person is equally capable of judging the nature and efficacy of a piece of art.

It's not an essentially pretentious argument to say that all art is subjective; but it is an easy argument for a pretentious person to use, in order to provide validity to their opinion with regards to the opinion of an authority.