The Latest Disney+ Series Is Basically ASMR, With Its Own Animated Movies

Disney+ would like to keep you subscribed via the medium of relaxation.
Disney+ would like to keep you subscribed via the medium of relaxation.
Image: Disney

Yes, we have reached the point of the pandemic-induced thirst for new streaming content that we have reached “listen to Disney movie sounds for a lil’ while” is now an actual show.


This morning Disney lifted the lid on Zenimation, a new shortform series that hit Disney+ today. The surprise drop for the David Bess-edited series is welcome in a time when people are craving new material on the platform, but don’t get too excited yet.

Because getting excited would get in the way of relaxing. And that’s essentially what Zenimation is about.

The 10 part series isn’t an “original” per se, in that it’s not entirely new material. Instead, it’s moments and vistas from across the library of Walt Disney Animation Studios movies, edited together by theme or topic with nothing but their ambient sounds playing. The House of Mouse is basically putting out ASMR montages of its own movies now.

Is it going to satiate the people craving a new hit of Baby Yoda, or news about the upcoming Marvel shows, despite their productions being stymied by the ongoing novel coronavirus pandemic? Probably not. But hey, if you like yourself some Disney movies and want something to chill out to for a little bit, it’s something.

All 10 episodes of Zenimation are streaming on Disney+ now. Breath in, breath out, et cetera.


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Well it could be ASMR. Or Zen.

If they didn’t do the damn “Braahh” Inception trailer noise over it...