There are so many new characters in The Dark Knight Rises, it's like a fancy puzzle that we can spend hours trying to guess at the solution to. Is Catwoman a baddie or an ally? How many members of the al-Ghul family are in the movie? And so on.

Now there's a new rumor about how the characters played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Matthew Modine fit into the movie, which actually sounds somewhat plausible. Spoilers ahead...


According to an inside source quoted by Cosmic Book News, Gordon-Levitt plays John Blake, a cop who's brought to Gotham to head up a new taskforce to hunt down Batman. But then Bane and his mercenaries attack, and they basically take over Gotham, putting Jim Gordon in the hospital and scaring the police force almost out of existence.

Blake, Gordon Levitt's character, is one of the few cops who's still willing to oppose Bane — and he and Modine's character inspire the cops to start fighting back. This starts with smaller battles and eventually leads to a huge showdown — and meanwhile, Batman and Catwoman are trying to stop Bane from helping Talia Al-Ghul to finish her father's work and destroy Gotham.


As always, major grains of salt indicated here, since this is just an unsourced rumor. [Cosmic Book News]