The Latest Casualty of Luke Cage: This T-Shirt

Can we start taking running bets on how many T-shirts Luke Cage will go through in the first season of his self-titled Netflix show? Because I’m gonna say a lot. Poor guy must have to buy them in bulk or something.

Here’s the new key art for Luke Cage, released today to announce the arrival of a new trailer for the series tomorrow:


(Look, they said “Sweet Christmas!” and everything!)

It’s pretty great, but it does raise the question of just how many times in this show we’re gonna see Mike Colter forced to discard a once-perfectly-acceptable shirt, just because some hired goon decided to test his claims of having unbreakable skin. Unlike in the current Power Man and Iron Fist comics, we probably won’t get to see Jessica Jones cursing him out for doing so, though:

Luke Cage premieres on Netflix, September 30th.

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