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The Latest Black Mirror Trailer is Black and White and Barking All Over

Image: YouTube
Image: YouTube

In this trailer for an upcoming season four episode of Black Mirror, dogs are not man’s best friends.


At least, not when they’re, so far as I can make out, murderous robo-dogs. The episode showcased here, called “Metalhead,” is shot entirely in black and white, and seems to follow a woman (Maxine Peake) being pursued by aforementioned robo-dog. Or bio-weapon dog? With Black Mirror, it could be anything, really.

Anyway, the trailer promises a taut thriller of an episode, and slots alongside the rest of the season four trailers for now as offering just enough to whet our appetites—with no hint of a release date.


“Metalhead” is written by series creator Charlie Brooker, with David Slade (Breaking Bad, American Gods) taking a turn in the director’s chair.

The fourth season of Black Mirror comes out on Netflix... sometime.


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ENOUGH TRAILERS RELEASE SHOW. Damn you Brooker. I suspect he is doing a meta-media experiment by putting us through our own real life Black Mirror by torturing us like this.