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The Latest American Fashion: Bulletproof Jackets and Backpacks for Kids

Illustration for article titled The Latest American Fashion: Bulletproof Jackets and Backpacks for Kids

It's another sign of dystopia. There is actually a line of children's bulletproof vests made in colorful colors, and fitted out with school-ready backpacks that can stop rounds from a machine gun.


According to the Telegraph:

In his factory in Bogota, Miguel Caballero makes bullet-proof vests attached to bullet-proof backpacks which he has tested with machine guns and handguns to show they can withstand a barrage of bullets.

Mr Caballero said that following the December 14 mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, his company received a surge in customer interest in this kind of item.

"We started getting e-mails from customers asking for protective clothing because they were afraid to take their kids to school," said Mr Caballero on the factory floor where his company's clothing is made.


Caballero has set up a special site just for kids' bulletproof fashions. He's already furnished the British royal family with protective puffers — why not children in the U.S. too?

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Americans, I'm sorry, but can you not see something seriously, seriously wrong with your society if this sort of stuff is neccessary...?!