We're thrilled Sandra Bullock's starring in Alfonso Cuarón's Gravity — we just hope it's as memorable as her last science-fiction role, in Demolition Man. Here are our favorite Bullock moments from Demolition, including her sex scene with Sylvester Stallone.


In case you missed it, Demolition Man takes place in a sterile, politically correct future, where everything's just a little too perfect. In case you miss the idea that this is a false utopia, sort of like Aldous Huxley's Brave New World, Sandra Bullock's character is named Huxley. She pines for action and adventure, and says things like, "I find this lack of stimulus disappointing."

And then a 20th-century supercriminal, who's sort of like a B-boy version of the Joker, gets defrosted from the cryogenic prison, and the only guy who can hunt him down is John Spartan, Stallone's character. Comedy ensues as Bullock sings 20th century ad jingles and tries to say cool, tough 20 century things like, "You really licked his ass." And then there's the "futuristic sex without touching each other scene," ripped straight from Woody Allen's Sleeper and that 1950s-1960s movie where they sit next to each other wearing headsets instead of having sex.


We can only hope Bullock's role in Gravity is half as unforgettable as her demented Demolition Man turn!

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