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The Last Picnic on Earth

Illustration for article titled The Last Picnic on Earth

We were the last cleanup crew to leave the planet. It had been a decade since the vote that decided we would purge ourselves from the Earth's ecosystems. We celebrated our impending local extinction with a few sandwiches, enjoyed under biodegradable shelters.


Kait Kybar is a concept artist and designer in Amsterdam. You can see more of his work on his website.

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Tiberius watched from the shadows. The Walkers had left many cat-generations ago, leaving the planet, once again, to the creatures.

But occasionally, a few Walkers would return, satisfying some nostalgic need. They would descend from the sky in their flyers, set up their shelters, and chatter away as they poked about at the renewed land.

This batch had brought a Bowser with them. Of course, the Bowsers had gone with the Walkers, bootlickers that they were. Funny that. In the end, the Bowsers had been the only ones who had joined the Walkers, their fates inextricably linked.

But that was neither here nor there to Tiberius and his kin. After the Hungry Times that descended with the Walkers' departure, the cats had regained their skills and fortitude. Not that it was a huge feat... The small things that skittered in the night and flew across the fields provided enough provision for the cat-kin.

Tiberius scratched and stretched, listening to the Walkers jabber, heedless of the eyes upon them. His ears twitched at the alien noises. So dissonant. No rhythm to it, unlike the wind, or the waterfall. He settled down to keep an eye on them, his tail subtly twitching.

Tiberius saw a young male venture from the shelters. With his Bowser, he began to make its way along the lakeshore to the waterfall.

Best be gone.