The Last of Boston's Winter Snow Just Melted Away

Ah, summer! The sun, the heat, and—in Boston, as of today—the season’s snow finally melting.

The Massachusetts Emergency Management Page released this set of photos of the last of the “snowfarms” Boston had set up to deal with the more than 108 inches of snow (the most the city had ever seen) that hit this season. Along with it came the welcome news that the tiny glacier-to-be had finally melted, putting an official end to this year’s Hoth-like conditions in the city.

Of course, as soon as the news was dropped MEMA’s Facebook page was immediately barraged with tales of and photos of little pockets of snow hiding in areas around Boston (perhaps you, too, have seen some?), prompting MEMA to note that while this was the “last known snow” in the city to have melted, it was possible that, even now, there was still snow on the ground somewhere in the city.

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I am morbidly keen to see a photo of what’s left where that pile was: a mere 6-foot-high one in my neighborhood melted to reveal a horrid and yet fascinating pile of detritus.