Eventually, The Last Man on Earth had to talk about babies. If you’re living in a post-apocalyptic world and would like to recreate society, eventually you’re going to need to create some new life. So, of course, most of the characters on The Last Man of Earth don’t want to.

Carol does, of course. She’s always realized reproduction was the most important thing. But we learned in this week’s episode, “A Real Live Wire,” that the other girls—Melissa, Gail and Erica, do not want to reproduce. They all have their reasons. Erica doesn’t want to screw up her body, Gail feels she’s too old and Melissa doesn’t think the world is a good place to raise a child. It’s Melissa who had the best points though, beautifully illustrated by Carol’s pro and con list.


This list, by far the highlight of the episode, was a genius break down that basically explained why you wouldn’t want to have a kid at the end of the world. There were basic reasons like no doctors, no water, no schools and no friends. Then there were leisure considerations: No Sesame Street, scarcity of cheese, no electricity, no Disneyland, no pets. Then there were the laugh out loud jokes like sex with old people, whale carcasses and scarcity of cheese (I had to list that one twice, it was just too good).

So while all of those reasons present a pretty strong argument against having kids, it’s a baby, and Carol doesn’t care. She wants one and wants everyone else on board too.

Meanwhile, as the girls were dealing with serious issues, Tandy, Phil and Todd were on a slightly dumber track. Electricity was been lost and since Phil decided to go on strike, Tandy figured he’d give fixing it a shot. He got solar panels but forgot to ground the wire and created a dangerous, dancing live wire, flailing and going crazy everywhere. After a few ham-handed attempts to fix it, Tandy asked Phil for help and Phil finally took out his mounting frustrations by decking Tandy. The reason? Not the wire. But Carol, who chose Tandy over Phil.


In the end, Phil says he’s leaving Malibu, because it’s not a practical place to live, and confesses his love for Carol. It’s a touching, almost frightening moment because in reality Phil is right. There is no reason for Carol to have chosen Tandy. It’s just one of life’s great mysteries. And just then, Erica reveals that she’s pregnant and Phil is the father.

Another great cliffhanger and another great episode of Last Man on Earth, which once again blended some real life survival stuff, with over the top hi-jinks and plenty of stupidity. It’s a formula that keeps on working.


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