Just when you thought The Last Man of Earth was going to be a two-person show again, the end of last week’s episode and this week’s episode brought back the larger cast and lead into a few of the biggest, most awkward laughs yet.

But first, since I missed the episode 2 recap, here’s the ultra quick version.

After the season 2 premiere, Phil lost Carol. Unable to figure out how to send a message, he sends trains out from Tucson all over telling Carol where he is. She meets him back in Tucson and Phil finds a note that the rest of the group moved to Malibu. Initially, Phil keeps this from Carol but eventually he not only tells her, he gets her drunk and forces her to go there. They find everyone, along with a new person—Gordon, played by Will Ferrell. Carol surprises them and the surprise is so great, Carol kills Gordon.


Okay—back to episode three. So now, Carol is back with the gang and dealing with two big problems. She killed a man and everyone hates Phil, a.k.a. Tandy, and doesn’t want him there.

However, after seeing how Gail (Mary Steenburgen) forgives Gordon for his flaws now that he’s dead, Carol hopes the same might work for Tandy. Her brilliant plan is to lie to them and tells everyone he’s dead. (Which is obviously a terrible plan, but a plan very much inspired by living alone with Phil for the past few months).

This ruse doesn’t last for long though and it leads to several hilariously awkward and brilliant moments with all of the other survivors. This is a good one.

The best moments, though, both center on the reveal of Phil being alive. First, Carol tells Phil she’s going to reveal him by saying “Heeeeerre’s Tandy!” which on its own is just so dumb and funny. But just as she’s about to deliver the line, Melissa brilliantly deadpans the line “Oh God he’s alive,” perfectly filled with the malice and realization that they’ve, once again, been had by Tandy.


Later, just as Carol is about to get the group to forgive him, Tandy runs in screaming with a gun. Honestly, this moment may have been the biggest laugh I’ve had on the show. I’m still chuckling thinking about dumb Tandy’s dumb timing.

At gunpoint, Tandy tries to apologize to the group in the perfect blend of good intention/worst possible execution that we’ve come to know and maybe even love about this character. I know I love him for it, and the group’s reaction—locking him in the stocks—is just a perfect tease for whatever they have in store next.


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