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The Lost season six DVD includes a new 12-minute segment that promises to answer some more questions and tie up some loose ends. Does it deliver the goods? A detailed synopsis of it has popped up online. Spoilers definitely ahead...


So the SpoilersLost blog, which got so many inside scoops on the show during its run, has one last scoop. Someone has seen the new DVD extra, called "New Man In Charge." And they've spilled almost all the beans. Ready? Here goes.

Apparently, it starts with a "cheesy" scene where Ben visits a Dharma station someplace and tells the two Dharma guys the Dharma Initiative is being shut down for good. The two Dharma guys are both disappointed, and the skinnier of the two asks why this is. Ben spins around and looks at the camera, saying there's a "new man in charge." Then it gets less cheesy as we shift to the beach, where the "new man in charge," Hurley, is hanging out — he seems a lot more dignified and mature than when we last saw him. Vincent the dog comes up to Hurley, and there's a scene where Hurley tells Vincent about his regrets, and his plans for the future of the island. Then Hurley stands up and dusts himself off, because there's big news: Walt is coming to the island.


Everybody say it together: "Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalt!"

Walt is in boarding school, wearing a uniform in a dorm room. He looks about thirty years old, but when Ben shows up, Walt remembers him like it was yesterday. Walt becomes very upset about what Ben's people did to him, but Ben calms him down and explains that Hurley's in charge now, then offers to take Walt back to the island. Walt says he could go back to the island any time he wants to, which intrigues Ben and awakens his old "schemer" side. But Ben stays on mission and says that Walt has to come back to the island because Walt's father, Michael, is there. Walt wonders why Michael is stuck on the island, since if Ben could leave the island, then so could Michael. But Ben says Michael needs Walt's help. With that, Walt agrees to come back to the island — and vanishes into thin air. Ooh. Ben smiles, pleased that he can still manipulate people.

Back on the island, we learn that Hurley can still see dead people, and the person who saw this scene decided not to spoil it all. Apparently, Hurley's conversations with the dead include a discussion of John Locke's connection to the island. And we find out that John Locke's role was supposed to be something very different, before the Smoke Monster perverted Locke's destiny. And it contains the exchange: "Are you stuck here?" "What if this island is the one that is stuck with me?"

Then Walt returns to the island! And we get a deeply moving reunion between Walt and Vincent. And then Walt has a conversation with Hurley about the future of the island — and although stuff is left open-ended, it's still very satisfying and provides a nice conclusion to the saga.


It is, of course, possible that this synopsis is fake. But it has the ring of truth to it. We'll find out for sure next month, when the DVD set drops. [SpoilersLost]

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