The Last Exorcism not actually The Last Exorcism: Studio greenlights a sequel

Illustration for article titled emThe Last Exorcism/em not actually emThe Last Exorcism/em: Studio greenlights a sequel

It's no real surprise that the producers from The Last Exorcism are keen to make a sequel. The mockumentary grossed $62.5 mil worldwide on a budget of $1.6 mil. But what are they going to call it?

According to THR original director Daniel Stamm isn't attached to this sequel, but all the producers are still on board. The film is being penned by Damien Chazelle, who now has the fairly complicated task of back peddling backwards from the Last title. We're all hoping this feature will be less about an exorcism and more about the Satanic church. But we can't imagine the studio ditching the original title completely as it has brand recognition. So what should the sequel be titled? Here are our suggestions:

The Last Exorcism: LOL JK
The Last, Last Exorcism
The Littlest Exorcism
The Day After the Last Exorcism


What do you think it should be titled?

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