The Last 2 Vampire Diaries Characters You Expected to Break Your Heart

The Vampire Diaries is still good for a ton of wacky plot twists, betrayals and reversals, but the actual story has gotten more and more muddled this season. And yet, sometimes, the show still serves up moments like this one — an unexpected jolt of total insane heartbreak, from the two most unexpected characters.


Spoilers ahead...

In last night's episode, everybody figures out that Katherine is inhabiting Elena's body — and soon enough, Katherine knows they know. So they're forced to kidnap Katherine's daughter Nadia, which only means that everybody has to stand around and watch Katherine saying goodbye to her dying daughter. So incredibly moving — both the part where Katherine admits she was just too selfish to ask Klaus for help, and the part where she has to listen to her delirious daughter talk smack about her. Katherine tries to make 500 years of neglect up to her daughter with a beautiful dream about the life they should have had — if there's any doubt remaining that Nina Dobrev can really bring the acting chops when required, this should go a long ways towards dispelling it.


Oh, and of course, there were wacky reversals and surprises, too. Damon realizes that all the horrible things he's done, leading up to him becoming a vampire-eating ripper, were becuase Katherine pretended to be Elena breaking up with him — and now, maybe he really has done things that Elena won't be able to forgive. Caroline and Tyler talk about Caroline sleeping with Klaus, and come up with a sort of rationalization: Caroline just sees the good in people, too much sometimes. Bonnie's new witch protegee macks on Jeremy, and it's adorable.

Most of all, Katherine gets the last laugh, and the last scream. Before she marches to the slaughter, she injects herself with turbo super ripper virus, which contains werewolf venom and stuff. So when Elena gets her body back, she's craving vampire blood even worse than Damon — plus maybe her bite is deadly? I guess we'll find out! And then instead of getting to go to the Other Side, Katherine gets sucked into a howling void. Good times!

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I really liked Caroline's little rant, where she pointed out that Tyler just killed someone and nobody was mad at him, and she's a vampire, dammit, and vampires get to be bad. It felt like the writers were rationalising the show as much as she was rationalising her actions.