Heck, it practically is Sweden. At a scale of 1:20-million, the Sweden Solar System (SSS) spans nearly the entire length of that country. Our parent star is represented by the Ericsson Globe in Stockholm (below the fold), the largest hemispherical building in the world.


Photo Credit: Fredrik Posse/Stryngford Photo | CC BY-SA 3.0

Via the SSS website:

Distances and sizes are scaled according to 1:20 million, and the inner planets are all in the Stockholm area. The outer planets follow in the same direction with for instance Neptune in Söderhamn and the dwarf planet Pluto in Delsbo, 300 km from the Globe. A number of minor planets and comets also populate SSS, which now extends from the very south to the very north of Sweden. There is a host institution for each model. SSS is a pedagogical instrument and conveys a direct feeling of the enormous distances in space, and how small the planets are compared to the Sun. Art, mythology and science merge in this project, and SSS connects many different places and different type of activities around Sweden. Nils Brenning, at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, and Gösta Gahm, at the Stockholm University, started the project and coordinate new activities.


H/t Kottke