The Lamest Science Fiction Author In The World

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The new comedy Gentlemen Broncos has launched its latest viral site, a home page for fake scifi author Dr. Ronald Chevalier. Ronald is the writer of the classic Cyborg Harpies, and his site has a collection of hilarious videos and audio recordings of his award winning scifi novel. Click through to watch one of his Youtube videos and learn more about the man, the legend, Dr. Ronald Chevalier. The man behind Ronald is actually Jemaine Clement, who is best known for his work on the hilarious musical show Flight of the Conchords. The movie Gentleman Broncos follows a teen who discovers at a fantasy fest that a prominent author has stolen his idea. Premiering in January, Broncos also features Sam Rockwell and Jennifer Coolidge. And here's one of Chevalier's videos, where he shows us how scifi writers relax. Just remember to grasp your ankles and bring them to your groinal access without threatening your seed. Make sure to check out his art gallery (I must have Chevalier's painting of a UFO beaming up buffalo "Bisontennial").

[Ronald Chevalier]


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